This paper was co-written with Dr Jim Derleth and Dr Steve Tatham.

Jim and I cooperated on an innovative approach to trying to figure out how you could obtain relevant and actionable data from conflict affected communities. We started in a fairly tough place - Helmand, Afghanistan - and were astounded at the results and the potential. Jim was then able to successfully roll out the methodology across many of the US battalions deploying to Afghanistan. 

Steve and I worked together to co-author Behavioural Conflict - Why Understanding People and Their Motives Will Prove Decisive in Future Conflicts. Behavioural Conflict was published in November 2011. We were very fortunate in having General Stanly McChrystal and Tim Harford write an Introduction and Foreword to the book. Steve and I are now working on second version of the book. We hope to have it published later this year. Details will be forthcoming on the Behavioural Conflict website.

This paper was a first attempt at taking some of the ideas from Behavioural Conflict and examining their utility in a more commercial environment.