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Social Conflict in Africa

An industrial mining operation was subject to violent attacks and its personnel intimidated. This led to a shut down of operations, commercial losses and impacted on the morale of the workforce. Although there were several theories for the reasons for the attacks, the true causes and those behind them were uncertain. Furthermore Senior Management were under pressure to make an investment decision to expand the operation but unable to do so without a deeper understanding of the levers of instability. Competing interests, political, commercial, social, and economic uncertainty coupled with internal challenges added to the complexity. We provided ground intelligence, analysis and advice that led to setting up and running an intelligence fusion cell to both partner and integrate with the emerging strategy.

Post Conflict Industrial Facility Restart

Prior to restarting operations following a violent period of conflict, an industrial client was concerned over three major issues; it's role and obligations in rebuilding the local city, the perception of the population towards the Client and its brand, and the wellbeing and morale of its work force. The client was also concerned about the security risks were it to re-start operations. A Complexas Team quickly deployed and conducted a First Party data collection programme of over 5000 people including over 400 employees. With the analysis and insight that was provided the Client had a much higher degree of certainty about the social dynamics and risks in the country as well as those associated with the workforce.

Logistics Investment Appraisal

A Client sought to invest $500m in a logistics business across Africa. It had studied the sector for 18 months but was unable to decide how or where to proceed. We were engaged to reduce the uncertainty and risk of the investment strategy and provide the Client with viable options which it could close within 6 months. We provided the Client with several original but limited integrated opportunities across the continent and built an advisory team around them. The Client proceeded to negotiate to acquire multiple assets as per the advice given by Complexas and thus save them significant time, risk and money.

Reducing Uncertainty in a Mining Operation

We partnered with the Mining Company as part of a long term commitment to understand the risks and uncertainties of investing and developing mines in a diverse range of environments - both rural and urban. We integrated Complexas into the planning and strategy development process and sought to provide both insight and foresight in identifying potential political and social threats to its development and operations.

We provided a range of sophisticated First Party data tools and analysis that prevented the loss of its mines and foresight on what would be required to reduce further uncertainty.


Ground Level First Party Data Collection

A mining company developing copper mines in a remote rural and large urban area

The Community

  • A rural community of 2,000+ on the mine site and a town of 15,000+ 35km away.

  • An urban community of 180,000+ in the heart of the copper-belt.


The Requirement

The client had an objective to retain, maintain and gain the support of the local communities impacted by its operations. Additionally the client sought to establish sound and enduring relationships with key leaders at a local, district and national level. 

The client viewed the growing importance of Environmental, Social and Governance as a key enabler in its determination to deliver a robust, equitable and enduring Social License to Operate


This required the acquistion of a range of First Party data and the forging of relationships with key leaders that endure to this day.

Insight and Foresight is still being provided.

Image by Dami Akinbode
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